Follow Your Dream

Art has always been my life. I have always had a need to create.

Growing up my parents have been a source of encouragement and support for my art. They were always introducing me to new crafts and forms of art, though I seem to gravitate back to jewelry each time. There is something about being able to wear your art, your creation. Think it all began with friendship bracelets!

Through the years, I have developed my jewelry making. I have pursued different mediums to make my craft even stronger - wire wrapping, loom beading, macrame and metalworking.

I work in my home studio every chance I get. My arts and crafts tend to take over the whole house - sorry Matt. At the end of my work day, I sit down and create. The time that goes into my little business is endless. Whether it is listing new items, developing my website, coming up with new ideas or scouring the bead stores and internet for cool new stones - it never ends!

Though I do have a regular job, my dream is to make my art my job. Some day when I grow up. . . .